How to: wear a biker

Shorthand for rebellion, the biker jacket is an item originally adapted from conformity. Read our tips on our most maverick item, a symbol of rebellion by association across film, art and music - we explore three ways to wear this investment piece.

For a sharper take on weekend style wear your biker over a textured knit with a classic indigo denim and trainers. Try buttoning up your crisp white Oxford Shirt over regular black jeans for a smart yet easy look. Tailored trousers are no longer just the friend of the blazer, throw on your trainers, favourite t-shirt and sling your biker over the top for contemporary ease.

In this feature
04:32 Leather Biker Jacket
19:05 Slim-Fit Denim Jeans
Low-Top Trainers
Leather Runners
08:30 Oxford Shirt
Bonded T-shirt
Pleat Fronted Trousers
Engineered Sweater

Leather Biker Jacket, Slim Fit Denim Jacket, Leather Runners

Leather Biker Jacket, Bonded T-Shirt, Pleat-Fronted Trousers, Low-Top Trainers.

Leather Biker Jacket, 08:30 Oxford Shirt, 19:05 Slim-Fit Denim Jeans, Low-Top Trainers

Leather Biker Jacket, Engineered Sweater, 19:05 Slim-Fit Jeans, Leather Runners