Whistles workout: define the upper arm

The sleeveless season is fully upon us and with this summer’s refined spaghetti strap silhouettes it’s time to instill your trust in the upper arm.  

The knowledgeable Alexandra Coleman at Frame shared with us her instant and effective pilates move to tone and add definition.  Try this move, which can be done in the comfort of your own home, to inject that extra confidence so you can sport your shoestring strap with pride. 

Step 1

Begin with a roll down, slowly vertebrae by vertebrae until your hands are flat, shoulder width apart.

Step 02

Slowly walk your hands forward, keeping shoulder width apart and your feet flat to the ground. 

Step 3

To reach an ideal plank position, shift your weight onto your upper arms and raise your head, keep your shoulders wide and draw your shoulder blades down. 

Step 4

Keeping elbows in towards the body, slowly bend your elbows to lower yourself down as one plank. Keep spine neutral.