Jane's diary: May

Peek inside the diary of Jane Shepherdson - our inspirational CEO. 

Stoke Newington Literary Festival

I went to see Caitlin Moran interviewed by Suzanne Moore at a packed out town hall. Caitlin has been credited with making feminism relevant again with her book ‘How to Be a Woman’. She has an interesting viewpoint that women have been made to feel they are not ‘normal’ in so many ways, but actually with a population that comprises 52% women, we are the majority and therefore whatever we do is normal and the sooner everyone starts to accept that, the better. She followed the session with a quick Q&A and responded to questions by sitting on the lap of the questioner, much to their surprise. Image from the fabulous Women's Room Blog - where you can read more about the event.

New York

I popped over to NYC at the beginning of the month for a couple of meetings and some exploration. It was the first sunny weekend of the year and Central Park was full of people hanging out, enjoying the weather and listening to the various bands playing – such a New York moment. Listen to the Whistles June Playlist here.

David Bowie Is

At last! I eventually got to see the exhibition everyone’s talking about and boy was it worth the wait. I could have stayed all day listening to the back catalogue and watching videos, remembering where I was when I heard each track. I loved seeing his little notebooks with the lyrics to the most incredible and iconic songs scrawled down in biro. What a huge influence he has been on music and fashion. Visit the Journal for our Whistles Bowie Playlist or for more information visit V&A.

Turkey tripping

I had a much needed holiday in Turkey last month, starting in the wonderfully dynamic Istanbul, where the clash of cultures hits you immediately. Visiting the Suleymaniye Mosque and the splendours of Byzantia one day, and checking out Kat 5, a beautiful rooftop restaurant and bar the next.

Jane's pick

My Ali sunglasses have become a reliable summer staple I now take everywhere. Elevating the most simple look into a chic summer style, this bold eyewear has become my go-to piece, especially useful for when I drive my car through London in the summer sunshine.

Serpentine Gallery Pavillion

This year the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion has been designed by Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto and I couldn't wait to go and see it. Each summer the space infront of the gallery is transformed by a different architect and it's so exciting to see how each individual approaches the project. Sou Fujimoto has created a delicate, white structure that blends into the wonderful Hyde Park landscape.