Whistles workout: how to get crop top ready

With this summer’s onset of cropped silhouettes, we sensed a slight sense of panic when it comes to shedding winter layers. Be it a crop with relaxed sportswear stylings or minimal eveningwear, we’re thinking an early nineties Kate Moss. We seeked out the guidance from pilates pro Alexandra Coleman at Frame studios, for her expert advice on how to achieve the ever elusive long and lean stomach. Here’s how you can transform to cropped top ready with one quick, simple and effective exercise. 

Step 1

Start with your arms behind your head, fingers intercrossed to support your neck. Slowly curl towards your thighs. Initiate the movement from your breastbone, avoid leading with your neck.

Step 2

Holding this chest position, breathe out and float one leg up to the table top position roughly a 90 degree angle, draw your belly button in towards your spine. 

Step 3

Bring the other leg up to the tabletop position. The secret is to float and not to drag the leg, keeping complete control of the movement which is coming from your lower abs.

Step 4

On breathing out, arch one leg down in a smooth motion, keeping your pelvis still. Lower your other leg accordingly and repeat.