Exclusive film: autumn/winter 2014 women


Exclusive film: Whistles menswear launch event

Watch the film from our menswear launch event to preview our inaugural autumn/winter 2014 collection and get an exclusive insight into the Whistles man’s world and all it contains.

Pulp: A Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets

Jarvis Cocker, somewhat of a national hero, gawky sex symbol and the principal of Pulp. Upon hearing Common people, Babies or Disco 2000 it is inevitable that you can’t resist the nineties flashbacks and need to sing along to the distinctive, trademark Brit-pop that Cocker mastered as his own.

Don’t Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next

Providing a platform for a new generation of fashion image-makers, the latest exhibition at FOAM Amsterdam offers a glimpse into the wealth of contemporary photographers working within the fashion industry today.

Collier Schorr: 8 Women

Photographer Collier Schorr’s name is a quietly established one. Her work, spanning both the art and the fashion worlds, is widely recognised for her realistic and unique perspective. 8 Women, Schorr’s latest book, presents her curated images of women who work primarily with performance, be it as artists, models and musicians.