Whistles icon: Dennis Hopper


Drifting between deranged biker, bohemian rebel and elegant artist, Dennis Hopper’s style was as eclectic as the man himself. In the first of a new series on menswear style icons, we take our cues from Hollywood’s last great rebel.

Actor, artist, photographer, director and sculptor – until his death in 2010 Dennis Hopper created a body of work that remains hugely influential across creative disciplines. As the director and co-star of Easy Rider, he created the most significant snapshot of the late 60s, crafting a cultural touchstone that documents a disillusioned post-Woodstock America. Hopper’s dress seemed to emulate the roles that he played, evolving from sharply dressed heartthrob to wild-eyed cowboy, before finally settling on a happy medium.

To channel his distinctive 70s look, couple robust denim with a simple tee and timeless outerwear. Look to our raw denim jeans like the Edwin ED-55, which will give the ideal ‘lived-in’ look and our 04:32 Leather Biker Jacket. To emulate his more reserved dressing, try wearing our polo shirt under the Deconstructed Blazer as a contemporary version of his timeless style.