Afrika Bambaataa: 40 years of hip hop


On November 27th, The British Library will be hosting 'Afrika Bambaataa: 40 years of hip hop'.

Known as the 'Godfather of hip-hop', Afrika Bambaataa is the founder of the Universal Zulu Nation movement. One of the originators of break-beat deejaying, a form that used sounds from House, Techno, Salsa, Reggae, Rock and Jazz, he premiered the likes of Ralph McDonald, Trans-Europe Express and Kraftwerk to hip-hop.

In addition to all this, Bambaataa was also a promoter and community leader. His political leanings led him to co-stage a Wembley Stadium concert commemorating Nelson Mandela's release.

This event will be a conversation with renowned music journalist Jacqueline Springer, who's worked with everyone from Blues & Soul and Hip-Hop Connection to The Guardian and The Independent to Vibe and the BBC. Springer's experience ensures that the topic at hand will be done justice.

The discussion itself explores the history, present and future of a culture that's grown from New York street culture to a global phenomenon. 

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