Don’t Stop Now: Fashion Photography Next

Youssef, 2005 Daniel Riera.
Valerija with flower over whole face, 2011 Mel Bles, collaboration with Linder Sterling for Pop magazine.
Untitled (Grandqvist 2), 2012 Hanna Putz.

Providing a platform for a new generation of fashion image-makers, the latest exhibition at FOAM Amsterdam offers a glimpse into the wealth of contemporary photographers working within the fashion industry today.

The show features the modern and realist photographs of Whistles campaign photographer Jamie Hawkesworth (look out for the autumn/winter 2014 campaign shot by Hawkesworth, launching end of July) as well as friends of Whistles, the multi-talented Baker & Evans who’s combined directional vision create stand-out images. Female photographer, Hanna Putz is another highlight of the show - her images capture an ethereal feminine mood alongside Julia Hetta’s atmospheric and timeless portraits. 

Guest curator Magdalene Keaney aimed to document the developments in current fashion photography by incorporating the diversity and energy of the young photographers featured. Clearly present throughout the show, is the abundance of photographic methods used, stemming from analogue film techniques through to collage and digital manipulations.

Offering a positive and exciting perspective on the future of the fashion image, this is an exhibition not to be missed. Open now until 7 September 2014 at FOAM, Amsterdam.


Whistles store - Amsterdam

Whistles neighbourhood: Amsterdam

Spring/summer 2014 campaign photographed by Jamie Hawkesworth