Film: Hockney by Randall Wright


An unselfconscious and honest view of life as Hockney, one of the most loved and influential British artists of the 20th century.

Meet the man who, at the age of seventy seven, is still working seven days a week in his studio to create modern, refreshing and inspiring works. Throughout the film we are taken on an in-depth exploration of his unique and optimistic world. From humble beginnings in working-class Bradford, to his contrasting Californian lifestyle.

Widely famed for his 1967 work, A Bigger Splash amongst others, build an image of the man behind the art, from his personal archive of photographs and unseen film experiments, shown here for the first time. Intertwined with intimate open interviews with Hockney himself and those closest to him.

Follow his optimistic explorations and inspiring, bold and visionary view of the world and your guaranteed to leave the cinema feeling enlivened and enriched. As Hockney challenges us to live in the present, to look around us and to see the world for ourselves.

Watch the trailer here: