Places I would like to swim


We’ve indulged our holiday reveries with these idyllic places to swim, from modernist villas to cliffside slides.

Slide 01: The cliff slide, Sicily
Comprised of eleven separate slides, carved into the cliffside in Terrasini, this destination is the definition of fun times. Take the plunge from the hotel Citta del Mare and find yourself dropping straight into the crystal clear Mediterranean sea below.

Slide 02: Olympic Pool, Barcelona
With a dynamic cityscape, this stadium pool, built in 1929 is the ideal location to cool off from the Spanish heat. With panoramic city views, the pool is frequented by locals, and was used as the backdrop for Kylie Minogue’s classic ‘Slow’ music video. 

Slide 03: Arango house, Mexico:
Comissioned in 1970 and designed by architect John Lautner, this incredible house features a unique pool around the perimeter. With vast views of the valley, residents can dip their toes in, or swim the full length of this iconic building. 

Slide 04: Lake Hillier, Australia
Surrounded by eucalyptus trees, this vibrant lake gets it’s vivid pink colour from naturally occurring salts and is completely swimmable all year round.

Slide 05: Villa Sarabhai, India
Designed by Le Corbusier, this modernist villa, located in Ahmedabad, is surrounded by tropical and lush Indian nature. Take the slide directly from the first floor terrace straight to the pool. 

Slide 06: Giola lagoon, Greece
Naturally carved into the rocks, this emerald green lagoon is a quiet, and secluded spot, this warm, still natural pool neighbours the lively ocean.

Slide 07: Pamukkale pools, Turkey
These travertine, natural hot springs create an epic landscape to bathe in. Featuring unique salts, soak up the health benefits all year round.

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