Watch: All This Mayhem


Following the meteoric rise and tragic fall of Australian Skateboarders the Pappas brothers, ‘All this Mayhem’ gives an unflinching portrait of the stories, people and lifestyles that formed the ‘Xtreme’ nineties.

Tas and Ben Pappas were two self-described ‘Bogans’ from Melbourne who arrived in the States in the nineties to shake up a skateboarding scene that had become soft and commercialised. Their ‘take no prisoners’ style and ongoing feud with half-pipe hero Tony Hawk, saw them go from ferocious outsiders to number one and two in the world. But this stratospheric rise led to an even heavier fall as they both slipped into drug abuse, depression and serious crime.

Now, the Pappas' unique story is being told in All This Mayhem, a documentary from Vice Films and distributed by the team behind Exit Through The Gift Shop and Senna. Constructed from hours of interviews and archive footage, the gritty documentary is a must-watch for anyone who ever tried their hand at a kickflip or sunk hours into Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

All this Mayhem is available now to watch on Netflix.