Watch: Iris

Iris Apfel in “Iris,” a Magnolia Pictures release.

Inspiring and laugh out loud funny, the one-of-a-kind charm of style influencer, interior designer and businesswoman Iris Apfel is captured beautifully in this vibrant documentary.

“I didn’t give a damn about going to the party or being at the party – it was getting dressed for the party and there’s truth and poetry in that.” – Iris Apfel.

The 93-year old is known the world over for her eclectic ‘improvised’ style, which some believe to be palette and canvas that make her an artist. At one point in the film, we follow Iris around Harlem where she falls in love with a $4 bracelet and exclaims in her New York drawl, “I get more kick out of this, that cost $4 in change, than if my husband took me to Harry Winston”.

Before cementing her ‘it’ girl status in her 80s, the native New Yorker launched a interior design company with her husband Carl. The firm famously redecorated the White House during the reigns of Presidents Truman – Clinton.  Since retiring, it is her role as fashion icon that keeps her schedule hectic – she tells us she sometimes receives a staggering 50 phone calls a day.

Fast-paced, fascinating and fun, this documentary presents a positive take on style, through the eyes of a true style icon.