Gia Coppola's Palo Alto


Gia Coppola, the granddaughter of Francis Ford Coppola, is set to step up to the director’s chair with her inaugural release Palo Alto. The film is based on James Franco’s 2010 collection of short stories – fans will be overjoyed to hear that Franco also stars in the picture. A triptych of storylines trace the intriguing coming-of-age lives and loves of three characters that are coincidentally, entwined.

One of the main characters, played by Emma Roberts, is torn between a huge crush on her soccer coach (played by Franco, naturally) and her teenage stoner boyfriend. Stone’s boyfriend is played by impressive newcomer Jack Kilmer, who struggles with the urge to hang out with his rebellious, law-bending best friend and a girl, played by rising star Zoe Levin, fails to fight her promiscuous impulses. The film's music score has been composed by our favourite Englishman in New York -Devonté Hynes of Blood Orange. 

Gia’s first celluloid foray promises only good things. Boasting a cast of both established and emerging stars whose characters are all captured playing with fire, we think Palo Alto will be troublesome and brilliant. 

Watch the trailer: