Grayson Perry - Playing to the Gallery


The Reith Lectures

We love Grayson Perry here at Whistles - whether it’s his thoughtfully explicit art, his BAFTA winning television or his inimitable style he’s charmed us all. So we couldn’t have been more excited when we found out he would be presenting this year’s Radio 4 Reith Lectures - established in 1948, the lectures aim to enrich the public and this year has been no exception.

We’ve been given an insider’s perspective on contemporary art that’s covered the gamut, questioning the assertion that anything can be art and asking if revolution is still one of it's defining ideals. His choice of clothing has been as inspired as his observations, he presented his second lecture looking like an art school dominatrix in a bone satin dress inlaid with the motif of a teddy bear orgy whilst carrying a whip that he cracked to punctuate important points. Not exactly the Whistles’ woman. 

This is a must for anyone who finds contemporary art obtuse - Grayson’s talks are intended to take art away from an academic elite and make it accessible to the least informed gallery goer. You’ll finish each hour feeling enriched, informed and uplifted by this charming character. To catch up with the series click here.