Punk Weekender: The perfect excuse to rock out

From left to right: Shirley Baker, Girl Punks in Stockport, 1983; Anita Corbin, Karyn and Sarah, British Museum, 1981

Ah, punk. The musical movement so engrained in style and fashion it’s always a pleasure to look back on its glory days. And hey - punk music is still very much alive whether you listen to it’s original innovators or slightly more contemporary acts that may be liked for their punky references (hello Savages). 

Why not indulge in a trip down memory lane this weekend and head to The Photographer’s Gallery Punk Weekender. Part of Punk.London, a year long celebration of the movement, the weekend will be built up of talks, a live performance from iconic punk act The Raincoats and of course, lot’s of attitude heavy photography from the likes of Anita Corbin, Derek Ridgers and interestingly, the EMI records archive.

Not that its all style and substance, the weekend will highlight political views behind punk and it’s followers and just how influential the whole thing was. I mean, we’re still running exciting exhibitions on it proving that in 2016, it’s still very much a hot topic.

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