Read: We Can't Do This Alone - Jefferson Hack The System


Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of the world’s most visionary publishers? Wonder no more. Dazed & Confused, Another Magazine and Another Man publisher Jefferson Hack has released the strangely titled We Can’t Do This Alone: Jefferson Hack The System, a visual and word based journey into underground culture.

With contributions from Rankin, Tilda Swinton, Douglas Coupland and Bjork, the large coffee table book explores individualism and progressive moments in art, music, fashion and film. Who better to walk us through the radical side of life than Hack himself who has spent his career supporting and promoting the actors, stylists and photographers who have created iconic moments of our recent history.

Published by powerhouse Rizzoli the book is available from key book retailers and sponsored by Kodak. The hardback book features full colour and black and white photography.