Richard Hamilton at the ICA


We were very excited to discover a very special Richard Hamilton exhibition at the ICA. The central London gallery has resurrected two of the artist’s most prolific installations, ‘Man, Machine and Motion’ which originally showed at the ICA in 1955 and ‘an Exhibit’ which followed in 1957.

The late British artist has long been considered the founding father of the pop art movement, most notably for his collage works of the early 1950s. The artist’s ongoing fascination with pastiche design is evident in each installation on display. ‘Man, Machine and Motion’ was constructed of 30 open steel frames clipped with fragments of photographs and ‘an Exhibit’ incorporated a similar modular hanging system but this time around it was built to move, inviting visitors to create their own compositions.

The re-staged installations will be accompanied by rare archival material to coincide with the Tate Modern’s gargantuan retrospective, which will be on show from February 13th

ICA Gallery
The Mall