The David Lynch Foundation’s ‘Women. Meditation. Stress.’ Event


Arguably, David Lynch is best known as the director of surrealist cult films including Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway. Although in 2005, the director cemented his philanthropic skill when he established the David Lynch Foundation and vowed to educate the masses about the stress-relieving benefits of transcendental meditation – a daily ritual of Lynch’s since 1973.

Earlier this week, The David Lynch Foundation hosted a panel discussion for over 200 professional women to raise awareness of the value of transcendental meditation for women in the workplace at the Paley Centre in New York. According to guest speakers including Girls creator Lena Dunham who has practised TM from the age of 9 to help combat severe OCD, the alternative therapy can aid decision-making, relieve stress and improve quality of life.

Another key speaker, Guggenheim Investments CAO Rehanna Farrell proclaimed “Meditation has empowered me in all aspects of my life from my career to personal relationships. I make more conscious decisions with a deeper perspective and more balanced approach. It has enhanced my natural strengths and improved areas of weakness.” 

Where do we sign up?

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