Watch: 70s cycling classic Breaking Away

Breaking Away (1979)

Cyclists, sports fans, and cineastes alike will be enchanted by 1979’s coming of age comedy-drama Breaking Away, a major influence on our new menswear collection.

With the first race of the Spring Classics upon us, there’s no better time to get back into the cycling spirit with this classic sports film. Following four working-class friends who live in the college town of Bloomington Indiana, ‘Breaking Away’ is the story of high school graduate Dave Stoller who, having won a Masi bicycle, becomes obsessed with cycling. Dave (a young Dennis Christopher) trains for Indiana University’s Little 500 race, masquerades as an exchange student, and drives his blue-collar father mad with his love of Italian culture over a long directionless summer. The winner of an academy award, Breaking Away’s uplifting mix of romance, quirky comedy, and inspirational races form a film that you can’t help but fall in love with.

You’ll find nods to this classic film throughout our men’s spring summer 2016 collection, with tops inspired by retro cycling jerseys and new athletic pieces forming the backbone of our warm weather offering. Other references are apparent in new hand-drawn patterns that were inspired by the clean geometric lines of the film’s flooded cliff-diving quarry.

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