Watch: Cafe Society


Veteran director Woody Allen's latest movie is a nostalgic trip through 1930s Hollywood, starring Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively and vintage Chanel.

From gang-land New York to the glittering streets of 1930s Tinseltown, Cafe Society follows Bobby (played by Jesse Eisenberg) to Hollywood and his Uncle Phil - a bigwig movie producer and talent scout who adds a smattering of comedy to the otherwise serious affair via Steve Carrell's dry wit. The love story that ensues sees Bobby return to New York, and his mafia brother, broken-hearted.

Kristen Stewart (as Phil's beautiful secretary) and Blake Lively (as Bobby's glamorous Manhattan love interest) glide through elegant scenes in costume designer Suzy Benzinger’s wardrobe of Chanel - archive styles remade for the film. Set between the East and West coast of 1930s America, Cafe Society showcases the era’s two fashion moods - Stewart prim and pretty in an understated selection of printed tea dresses, gingham two-pieces and buckle-strap shoes (upgraded to diamonds, slip dresses and maribou as the story unfolds) versus Lively in bombshell classics - think shimmering silver gowns, leopard-print furs and dramatic chandelier earrings. Nostalgia has never looked better.

 Allen’s melancholy tale unfolds through the lens of Oscar-winning cinematographer Vittorio Storaro - the film’s atmospheric compositions and wistful lighting masterfully conjuring the tainted grandeur of Hollywood’s golden era, accompanied by a jazz soundtrack crafted by the director’s longtime collaborators, Vince Giordano and Conal Fowkes.

Cafe Society will be in UK cinemas from September 2nd, watch the trailer here.