Watch: The Big Short


Anchorman director Adam McKay subverts expectations with a film that couches 2008's financial crisis in a whip-smart comedy.

Based on the Michael Lewis book of the same name, ‘The Big Short’ is the fifth film from Anchorman director Adam Mckay. Following a group of banking misfits, this true-to-life story is about the men who predicted the financial crisis and won countless millions of dollars in the process. The focus falls on three characters: Christian Bale is Michael Burry, a social outcast with a glass eye and a fondness for heavy metal, Steve Carell is Mark Baum, a hairpiece wearing cynic, and Ryan Gosling plays the ultra-slick permed and perma-tanned Jared Vennett. Each put in electric performances and are ably supported by a near unrecognizable Brad Pitt, as well as fourth-wall breaking cameos from Margot Robbie and Selena Gomez.

The films’ mix of oddball director and dry subject matter sounds like a poor fit, but the same riotous energy that drove ‘Talladega Nights’ runs through this, cutting through the financial jargon and imbuing the narrative with an unlikely mix of fun and outrage. With its tight script, fourth-wall breaking cameos, and impactful subject, ‘The Big Short’ is a must-see when it opens on January 22nd (UK release date). 

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