Whistles Tech: Six Apps To Download Now


To coincide with our profile of Whistles Woman Michelle Kennedy - tech-entrepreneur and founder of Peanut - here’s our roundup of the six most useful apps we’re currently obsessed with at Whistles HQ.

“Come to life. Come to yoga.”  | Daily Yoga

Shut off and relax with the Daily Yoga’s peaceful music and experience a one-to-one training class that never feels obtrusive. Inspiring those to get and stay healthy with intuitive and comprehensive yoga training, the app welcomes both those who are complete beginners as well as the yoga masters among us. With over 100 yoga and meditation classes that you can schedule into your diary, the app tracks detailed personal data as well as connecting you with a worldwide yoga community.

“Meet as mamas, connect as women.” | Peanut

Peanut wants to connect you with like minded mums near you, making it easier for you to create meaningful friendships. Designed to link up women based on their geographical location, children’s ages and mutual interests ‘badges’ from “Fitness Fiend” and “Wine Time” to “Music Is My Medicine” - the app aims to tackle the isolation women can feel as mothers. With a firm mission statement that entering motherhood shouldn’t mean losing your identity, Peanut are here to say (and vocally, too) that they see motherhood as an adventure, but not the only adventure a woman has.

“Your smart cooking sidekick.” | Yummly

Knowing what to cook can be a tricky, especially when you have dietary needs and allergies to cater for. Thankfully, meal planning app Yummly fixes that. By setting your personal or your family's allergies, diets, disliked ingredients and even favourite cuisine types - not forgetting your skill level in the kitchen - Yummly recommends recipes compiled from all sources over the internet. With each recipe you can adjust the serving size, which will in turn influence the ingredient quantities, all of which can be added to your shopping list with the touch of a button. Not only does the app offer personal guidance in cooking, with each recipe you can track nutrition levels, community reviews and schedule your meals for the week ahead. Never again will you be stuck on what to eat.

“The creators community.” | VSCO

If you’re tired of the preset Instagram filters, VSCO is the answer. The app offers an abundance of film-inspired filters and professional image tools to inspire those to create, discover and connect with other photographers. Users of the app are able to engage with a worldwide creative community, discovering other images as well as posting your own, yet unlike Instagram, there are no public followers, likes or comments. The VSCO app hopes to encourage creativity, posting what you like instead of what your audience wants you to post. But don’t feel discouraged if the ‘arty’ scene of the app feels a little too much, at it’s most basic the editing suite built into the app creates a user-friendly experience for editing photos with a professional edge.

“Save anything. Read anywhere.” | Instapaper

When you’re on the go, you often don’t have the time to read the articles you come across on your timeline. Instapaper can help you out. With one click, Instapaper lets you save, read and manage the interesting finds you come across - be it an article, video or a cooking recipe, it’s all available to be read later online or offline. So no more waiting until you pull into that next tube stop.

“Breaking the language barrier.” | Microsoft Translator

Microsoft wants to help you create relationships without worrying about language barriers. Nice that!  Catering to over 60 languages, the app helps you translate articles, text in images and screenshots as well as physical human speech, allowing you to have interchangeable dialogue. Not only are there phrasebooks and pronunciation guides to help you learn important phrases, users can download languages for offline use while travelling. Now you can ask for a coffee in any language.