Exhibition: William Eggleston Portraits

Untitled, 1970 (Self-portrait); Untitled, c.1970 (Devoe Money in Jackson, Mississippi); Untitled, c.1975 (Marcia Hare in Memphis Tennessee); Untitled, 1970 - 4 (Dennis Hopper)

The inimitable American photographer offers an insight into his world with his first portrait focused exhibition.

Born in 1939 in Memphis, Tennessee, Eggleston is widely renowned as the photographer who brought colour images to prominence, although he is not a fan of being defined. His game changing images depict beauty in everyday situations with his vivid, and dreamlike view. Still shooting today, Eggleston has an undeniable influence on modern photography with Sofia Coppola, Martin Parr and Juergen Teller citing him as an inspiration.

Aptly shown at the National Portrait Gallery London, this beautifully curated show of 100 images, focuses not only on Eggleston’s extraordinary portrayal of everyday people, but uncovers for the first time the identities and stories of his subjects, who until now have remained anonymous. The maid who became his mother figure, an unconventional dentist / part-time nudist, close friend Dennis Hopper, amongst others.

We highly recommend a visit to this intimate exhibition to not only see the previously unseen 60’s black and white portraits and Eggleston’s experiments with film, but to gain a fresh perspective on this extraordinary photographers work.

William Eggleston Portraits runs from 21st July until 23rd October 2016.

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