Exhibiton: The radical new twist in the Tate Modern Tale

Image courtesy of Tate

For months, fans of the Tate Modern and the art world in general have been getting worked up about the redesign and re-launch of the Tate Modern. And understandably so, the newly reinvented space is now bigger, better and more inspirational than before- even if you aren’t up to scratch on the art world. Not bad for what is already an international national treasure. 

Designed by world-leading architects Herzog & de Meuron, it’s the UKs most culturally important building to open in over twenty years. With works from the likes of Mark Rothko and Pablo Picasso, the gallery will also house new work from artists across the globe to challenge, provoke and inspire visitors.

The Tate Modern’s hero area is undoubtedly it’s hypnotically large Turbine Hall which will now house over 250 works of art all year round. Previously, it’s usually played host to one installation per season and a rather long ticket queue.

The hall will also house The Switch House, a new ten-story gallery within a gallery that plays host to even more art to lose yourself in. That’s quite a lot of newness then. Go Tate.

The new Tate Modern is open to the public from Friday 17th June 2016