Read: Icons of Women’s Style


An in-depth exploration of all your modern wardrobe staples. From the Breton top to the miniskirt, Josh Sims examines the enduring pieces that shape and define what we choose to wear today.

Over the past eighty years fashion has embraced and developed a myriad of trends. Yet certain styles remain fresh and timeless throughout any era. Icons of Women’s Style, explores just what it takes to cement the popularity of a garment, item by item, with the most influential and renowned pieces detailed. From their beginnings and design, to the iconic figures who adopted each style, and established their season spanning fame.

From the unlikely Inuit origins of leather trousers, created to protect against the cold climates, to how today’s crop top was derived from the traditional Indian Choli. Informative and intelligent, this book serves as a back catalogue and insider guide for the history of all your go-to items.

Icons of women’s style is available to buy now.