Whistles Muse: Charlotte Rampling


As one of the first women to successfully tackle a tuxedo, the iconic English actor is famed just as much for her enigmatic on-screen performances as for her quintessential wardrobe.

Rampling, a previous muse to Helmut Newton and Yves Saint Laurent, chooses to focus on the cut of her clothing. She opts for shapes that flatter the form and exude a quiet confidence.
Having shot to fame in the late sixties, Rampling’s style naturally evolved from oversized sunglasses, loose shirts and long-line skirts that defined the seventies, to her trademark reworking of masculine classics. 

Striking a feminine balance with typically masculine pieces. Rampling plays with proportions, whilst opting for a neutral colour palette. Steering away from bold standout pattern, key pieces include leg lengthening wide trousers, lightweight oversized shirts and slim fitting jackets, essential components for her timeless sex appeal. 

Small details are also a key focus, the rolled sleeve, unbuttoned collar, and occasionaly a strategically draped dress create the thoughtful elements of any Rampling outfit. The key formula to her effortless and ageless appeal.

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