Whistles icon: Morrissey


One of the 20th century’s most influential recording artists, Morrissey’s cocktail of poetic lyrics, outspoken politics and peak narcissism have established him as a uniquely British icon.

Despite recording for less than five years and releasing only four studio albums, The Smiths left an indelible mark on music, creating the mould for indie rock bands and introducing an unprecedented level of depth to pop lyrics. It was the group’s charismatic frontman Morrissey who tied together their mix of 60s rock, intimate lyricism, punk, and mordant humour. Now as well known for his animal rights activism and bizarre proclamations as he is for his solo material, Morrissey is nonetheless one of the most influential musicians of the 80s and de facto spokesman for a disaffected youth.

His dress sense seems as influenced by the romantic poets as his writing, with voluminous white shirts, cable-knit jumpers and other British classics all featuring heavily. To achieve Morrissey’s style, try our reverse stitch sweater, collarless oxford shirt and suede derbys