Icons: Horror Film Villains


Heroes might get the girl, the admiration, and the happy ending, but the bad guy is always the best-dressed character. For our Halloween inspiration we look to the natty dressed antagonists who prove that being bad always looks good.

Patrick Bateman in American Psycho
Based on the classic Bret Easton Ellis novel, the darkly satirical American Psycho is a great horror movie but an even better style bible for the aspiring narcissist. Patrick Bateman may have been a yuppie and an emotionless, indiscriminate serial killer, but he was also an undeniably sharp dresser. Combine our deconstructed suit jacket with the matching trousers and a white shirt for a very Bateman look - a clear waterproof mac to protect your suit from ‘the elements’ is advised.


Jack Torrance in The Shining
Writer, caretaker, family man, alcoholic, murderer – Jack Torrence may have lost his sanity at the Overlook Hotel but he never scrimped on style. Keeping a hotel in good shape whilst writing a novel is tough work, so Jack sticks to casual pieces and hardwearing Americana classics - plaid shirts, funnel neck jumpers, and denim jackets all feature heavily. He also has you covered for interviews – a gingham shirt under a grey suit jacket with chinos and a bright tie all helped him land his dream job, and 5 months of peace and quiet.


Lord Summerisle in The Wicker Man
Charismatic figurehead and avowed fan of aristocratic English style, occultist Lord Summerisle had a notable eye for dramatic dressing. Although we couldn’t in good faith recommend wearing traditional Scottish dress or pagan ritual robes for anyone but the most radical style mavens, his taste for vibrant knitwear under a sports jacket is a classy way to introduce a splash of colour to your winter wardrobe.