Mood board: spring/summer 2014 design inspiration


Design director Nick Passmore talks us through the melange of inspiration that makes up spring/summer 2014.

Linen and raffia
“This was our first starting point. We looked at bamboo and basket weaving and turned it into an idea for a print. We even found a car covered in raffia during our research!”
Wild animals
“We always look at classic things so, for summer, we researched safari. We weren't mad about the clothes so we looked at the animals instead. That's where the ocelot print came from. Animal print is a favourite but, by doing it in pink and yellow, it looked new."

Tropical flowers
"This is where the flower print with brights in the background comes from. We looked at vivid species that grow in hot countries - hibiscus, ginger flowers, anything with that lovely purpley pink" 

Modernist architecture
“Architects like Mies van der Rohe and Le Corbusier inspired some of the shapes this season. We liked to mix sculptural shapes with soft silhouettes and playful pieces.” 

Nineties designers
“I love the oversized pieces and wider trousers of Japanese designers like Yohji Yamamoto and Comme des Garçon. They're always a reference. This season, the spaghetti strap came from Helmut Lang and Liza Bruce. She designed the famous see-through dress that Kate Moss wore in 1994.”
LL Cool J
“The bucket hat that he often wore is a good streety reference. There's always something seen as masculine in our collections, but twisted – this time with pastel colours. This was the shape we worked on with milliner Noel Stewart for the hats in the show.”
Talisa Soto
“She was a model in the eighties and a big inspiration for our beauty look. She worked with Bodymap and she was a Bond girl in License to Kill. I really like her style – it's clean, strong, healthy-looking, like a girl in a Bruce Weber shoot.”