Notes on: the windcheater


Lightweight and showerproof, the windcheater is a key performance garment for a spring wardrobe. The jacket is designed with detail in mind, an adjustable fastening on the hood, a front chest pocket and useful half zip side opening. Beyond it’s functional capabilities, our new patterned windcheater comes in a premium inky-blue colour with a graphic brush stroke print. Some notes on this season's outerwear essential:

  • The windcheater was first produced in the early 1940’s for World War II soldiers.
  • Original designs were manufactured in just grey, navy and green.
  • In 1969 cult fim Kes, protagonist Billy Casper wears an windcheater as he cares for his pet falcon. 
  • The windcheater is the go-to outerwear of choice Stone Roses front man Ian Brown.
  • The break dance movement of the early 1980s popularised the windcheater, the nylon fabric on the hood allowed dancers to perform head spins and windmills with relative ease. 

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