Whistles Icon: David Lynch


To celebrate the revival of iconic TV drama Twin Peaks, we take a look at David Lynch's surrealist style in both cinematography and fashion.

It has been over quarter of a century since Homecoming Queen, Laura Palmer leaves Agent Cooper with parting words: “I’ll see you in 25 years”. Ever since, we’ve been waiting in anticipation for the cult classic turned cultural phenomenon Twin Peaks to return. To categorise David Lynch’s (and Mark Frost’s) creation as a murder mystery would be to downplay it massively. The 90s TV shows shifts from heavy drama but little by way of action, to downright maddening, art-house surrealism. It’s hard to pinpoint Lynch’s work, both in terms of his artistic appeal and its influence.

Easy to recognise but hard to define, the auteur’s style of work is often described as “Lynchian”. Lynch likes to play on ideas of control as an illusion - his work demonstrates that safe routines can be interrupted at any time. As well as the meeting of the mundane and macabre, the specific styling of clothes and people set against familiar but foreign towns are part of the “Lynchian” twist. In simpler terms, Lynch’s work is like trying to make sense of a real world where the sun rises at night and people speak backwards. David Lynch, Twin Peaks and his large filmography has a dreamy, abstract cinematic style that pushes boundaries by creating otherworldly scenes out of the familiar and mundane, creating moments that deep-root themselves in the memories of the audience.

Often photographed in his trademark style of a crisp white shirt, buttoned to the top, black suit and hair coiffed to perfection - Lynch’s personal look is what you might expect from a master of surrealist cinema. Yet Lynch ensures this is him “dressed up” for a specific event. Off-duty he mostly opts for neutral coloured shirts paired with relaxed khakis and a deconstructed jacket or overshirt. His personal style may not vary much (he famously  adopted wearing the same suit every day) but Lynch understands the importance of an edited wardrobe of classic styles and knows how to make them for him.


Twin Peaks returns May 22nd on Sky Atlantic.