Whistles icon: Keanu Reeves


Everyone has a favourite Keanu Reeves style moment, even if you don't know it yet. Usually associated with cult films set against a nineties backdrop, Reeves quickly became an icon of sorts after the release of Gus Van Sant’s indie powerhouse film My Own Private Idaho back in 1993. In it, he played a hustler alongside the late River Phoenix. Despite the slightly grim premise, the film is a reference point for many a menswear stylist. Let’s say it’s the floppy hair, the jeans and the biker jacket he dons throughout.

Whether playing a scruffy, plaid shirt wearing scientist in the ’96 thriller Chain Reaction, the radically dressed Ted in comedy gem Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, or an undercover rookie surfer in crime thriller Point Break - Keanu Reeve’s characters have always had a strong game when it comes to wardrobe. It helps that Keanu himself has is so effortlessly cool and laidback - as if being a movie star happened by accident. 

With the release of his new thriller The Neon Demon (which just so happens to be warped horror story about the fashion industry) plus it being a season awash with nineties Keanu style favourites, we decided it was time to celebrate.

A Keanu inspired look is easy enough to channel. Start with a classic pair of jeans, like our black slim-fit jeans and pair with a check shirt. Take the nineties grunger vibe and make it more modern with our Japanese Checked shirt.

Low Top Leather Trainers
Proof of running around the city and maybe some beer stains will make these a tad scruffier and therefore more Keanu circa 90s.

A little more peaceful on the style front? If comfort overtakes style, just remember how perfect chinos are and how well they go with everything. That's quite a Keanu outlook. 
Okay, so in Speed his t-shirt is white but seeing as it ends up soiled we'd say take note of Keanu's love of a simple t-shirt by going for one in black. 
All hail Keanu's favourite item. He wore one in Speed and in Chain Reaction (It was the nineties, after all). He's still seen in check shirts even now.