Watch: What Happened Miss Simone?


This fascinating biopic provides insight into the highs and lows of Nina Simone’s stellar career.

Singer, songwriter, musician and activist, Simone’s turbulent path began when she was denied access to music school on account of her race. Refusing to give up her dream of becoming a concert pianist, Simone got a job in a small club in Philadelphia but was also required to sing. She was soon approached by a record company and went on to produce 40 albums meshing jazz, gospel, pop and soul influences, as well as becoming an avid activist for racial equality.

Simone’s distinct voice is beautiful yet haunting all at once – much like her nature. The rare footage and recordings that make up this film begin to build a picture of the star’s internal battle - we see her bounce from pure ecstasy to sharp anger in seconds on stage. Simone’s daughter provides a touching commentary throughout, admitting, “people think that when she went out on stage she became Nina Simone. My mother was Nina Simone 24/7 and that’s when it became a problem.”

Moving and utterly captivating, Whistles highly recommend this documentary.  

Watch on Netflix here.