Icons: Noel Gallagher


While brother Liam has consistently come a cropper - sartorially and socially - as a walking rock cliche, Noel Gallagher is the embodiment of control in both his onstage antics and his wardrobe.

As the new Oasis documentary Supersonic follows the band’s rise to fame in the early 90s, it also shines a light on a style of dressing rooted in working class pub classics that evolved with a heavy Mod influence. Taken to comedic extremes by Liam; Noel embraced Mod style with restrain, focusing on fits that suit his build in contrast to the oversized proportions that accentuated Liam’s Manc swagger. It was a polarising approach mirrored in their haircuts too, as his younger brother’s matching French crop and sideburns became increasingly cartoonish. Today’s mix of terrace favourites and rock references is a nod to both his Manchester upbringing and stratospheric music career.

Anyone who remembers the picture of Noel meeting Tony Blair in 1997 at the height of New Labour knows tailoring is not his strong suit, relying these days on a well-cut blazer in simple neutral shades when a smarter edge is required. The 70s-style leather with its collar, breast pockets and ribs cuffs has become a signature jacket, rotated with bombers, the classic denim trucker and Manchester weather-inspired technical anoraks. And while his shirting has a more fitted feel than it did in the 90s, the sporty checks remain. Casual but timeless, Noel’s personal style is all about updating the best of Brit Pop-era menswear, not looking back in anger.

Watch the trailer for Supersonic here.