15 Uplifting Instagram Accounts To Add A Dose Of Positivity To Your Feed

As news reports grow increasingly distressing, you might want to look at alternative outlets to break up the daily news cycle. While some are sceptical of Instagram’s benefits, there are a growing number of accounts who are going against the grain, carving out a space to bring communities together for the better. From anxiety-free news and humorous commentary on pop culture affairs, to the feel-good stories from everyday people – these uplifting accounts are not short of positive vibes.

1. The Happy Broadcast, @the_happy_broadcast

Combating hate and fear, The Happy Broadcast shares anxiety-free news from around the globe through vibrant illustrated graphics and jolly characters.

2. Reasons To Be Cheerful, @rtbcheerful

Online magazine and “part therapy session”, Reasons To Be Cheerful provide community-driven stories of hope by sharing tried and tested solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

3. Information Is Beautiful, @infobeautiful

If you’re looking for a clearer way to make sense of the current climate, Information Is Beautiful is here to help with their visually appealing data-based infographics.

4. Elemental, @elemental

From online publishers Medium, Elemental repurpose their science-backed health coverage through Instagrammable graphics and illustrations, offering a refreshing take on the wellness trend.

5. Pattie Gonia, @pattiegonia

With a playful pun on the outdoors clothing brand for their name, Patte Gonia the “backcountry” drag queen is on a mission to advocate for natural environments, all while wearing six-inch heels on mountain peaks.

6. Evan Ross Katz, @evanrosskatz

No one loves pop culture more than Evan Ross Katz, the Netflix writer and host of Shut Up Evan podcast. From detailed analysis of Timothée Chalamet’s outfits to Sarah Michelle Gellar appreciation posts, Katz’ Instagram is a source of endless entertainment.

7. This Was Hollywood, @thiswashollywood

Spellbinding video clips of Hollywood’s finest moments are guaranteed to have you while away the hours on @thiswashollywood. Not short of nostalgia, the account uses cinema archive footage of outtakes, behind the scenes moments and excerpts of those famous one-liners and memorable scenes to celebrate the golden age of film.

8. Saint Hoax, @sainthoax

Always quick off the mark, Saint Hoax shares sharp-witted memes and “have you seen this video?” posts that offer humorous commentary on cultural and political happenings, that are often as the pseudonymous artist describes as “POPlitically incorrect”.

9. Man Repeller, @manrepeller

Esteemed digital publisher Man Repeller offers an online judgement-free zone, where their community can be authentically themselves. On Instagram, they share a blend of timely memes, celebrity snapshots, illustrated graphics and pop culture references, all with amusing captions that are just too good to scroll past.

10. Subliming.jpg, @subliming.jpg

New York-based graphic designer Tessa Forest’s @subliming.jpg is not your average *roll your eyes* quote on a whimsical background account. In fact, the account is a visual feast that uses words from authors, philosophers and lyricists, formatted in clean designs with clever typefaces and colour choices.

11. Adam J. Kurtz, @adamjk

Artist and author Adam J. Kurtz is not shy about embracing honesty. Sharing backhanded optimistic illustrations, Adam’s distinctive work is rooted in authenticity and humor with a little darkness.

12. It’s Nice That, @itsnicethat

It’s Nice That champions creativity, and their Instagram account is full of it. Highlighting some of the most exciting and engaging work from a budding community, It’s Nice That will introduce you to the new names to know.

13. Humans of New York, @humansofny

If you follow just one account of our list, make it Humans of New York. Their ever-growing popularity has made the community-first storytelling photoblog a household name, with an initiative that connects ordinary people of New York with a global audience.

14. Great Big Story, @greatbigstory

Great Big Story is focused on unearthing the untold and extraordinary to connect individuals and communities across the globe, and their inspiring stories.

15. Subway Book Review, @subwaybookreview

What started on the subway in New York, is now a worldwide social media movement to connect people by discovering new literature. On Subway Book Review, train passengers share their honest reviews of their current reads, which often touch on personal anecdotes from the reader’s life.


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