5 inspiring reads for the new year

5 inspiring reads for the new year

Start the new year with the right dose of inspiration. From books with life-changing hacks to advice on how to write the perfect CV, we’ve rounded up five must-reads to spark new ideas and motivate you this January.

The Healing Self: Supercharge Your Immune System and Stay Well for Life by Deepak Chopra with Rudolph E. Tanzi


The start of the new year is often a time for self-care and focus on wellbeing. Combining medical knowledge with a new approach rooted in mind/body medicine, Dr Chopra and Dr Tanzi offer a groundbreaking model of the immune system. Based on this discovery, they offer new ways of improving the immune system by stimulating the brain and our genes. Learn to heal yourself from the inside out this January.

The Energy Plan: Eat Smart, Feel Strong, Perform at Your Peak by James Collins


Forget fasting and low carb diets. World-leading sports nutritionist James Collins shapes the diets of Olympic athletes and some of the highest performing people on this planet. Learn how to fuel your body for your life and power through the 3pm slump, while resisting the junk foods that drag you down. Instead you will start to naturally choose foods that will leave you bursting with energy.

The Smarts: Big Little Hacks to Take You a Long Way at Work by Sai Jetha


Is January synonymous with a new job, new role or new challenge for you? Economist and founder Saj Jetha has distilled everything he knows about work success in this witty, irreverent collection of smart hacks. Discover why it’s best to have a difficult conversation after lunch and what to do when you’re stuck for something to say in easy-to-remember, jargon-free chapters. Guaranteed to be your work cheat sheet, this book covers everything from nailing first impressions to discovering how your mind works.

The 7 Second CV: How to Land the Interview by James Reed


CVs no longer need to be daunting with The 7 Second CV, a new book packed with invaluable advice from the Chairman of REED, Britain’s most prominent recruitment company. This book offers specific advice on what employers want to see in CVs and how you can stand out from the crowd. Inspire yourself with an accessible and enjoyable read, packed with quotes, layout examples and helpful tips.

Pig Wrestling: The Brilliantly Simple Way to Solve any Problem… and Create the Change You Need by Pete Lindsay and Dr Mark Bawden


Pete Lindsay and Dr Mark Bawden argue that whenever we find ourselves wrestling with a difficult situation, we need to stop struggling and take the time to clean our thinking. Through a short story about a young manager who is struggling to create the change he needs, this book introduces the principles of ‘Problem Cleaning’ in a memorable way. Based on the authors’ work with elite sports and business performers, it gives us the tools to create change when we need it.

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