5 Ways To Get Creative At Home

Staying indoors has given us more time to try the hobbies we’ve always wanted to take up, and getting crafty is a great way to stay calm and pass the time. Here are five creative ideas – as well as the Instagram accounts to turn to for inspiration – to keep you busy this spring.


Always wanted to try life drawing? Many initiatives and groups are now offering virtual life drawing experiences, where you can tune in and start sketching from the comfort of your own home. All you need are pencils and paper.

For inspiration, follow: Alexandria Coe

Images: Alexandria Coe

2. Interior design

If you’ve wanted to refocus your interiors for a long time, now is the perfect opportunity. From adding new accessories to completely refreshing your home space, look to Pinterest and interior magazines for of-the-moment ideas.

For inspiration, follow: The Modern House

Images: The Modern House

3. Collaging

Collaging is a simple yet fun way to get creative. Make use of old magazines, newspapers and materials you have lying around the house to craft pieces and prints you can display. Fashion collages are always chic additions to hang in your home.

For inspiration, follow: Rosanna Webster

Images: Rosanna Webster

4. Flower arranging

Another easy way to liven up your home is to try your hand at flower arranging. Whether you’re able to source wildflowers or prefer low-maintenance artificial selections, there’s a host of ways to create DIY arrangements to envy.

For inspiration, follow: Worm

Images: Worm

5. Colouring in

Whether you’re looking to keep yourself or your children busy during school closures, colouring in is a therapeutic way to pass the time. Artists such as Supermundane are offering up their work to download and Manolo Blahnik is offering shoe design outlines to support the house’s partnership with the Mental Health Foundation. There’s also a Vogue colouring book available, with a vast selection of illustrations.

For inspiration, follow: Supermundane

Illustrations: Manolo Blahnik and Vogue


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