Recipe: Raw And Cured’s Guide To Mood-Boosting Smoothies

With a simple food sourcing policy encompassing quality, seasonal and sustainable produce, the Raw & Cured food bar at Herb House Spa offers a renewed focus when it comes to eating. Dishes are prepared from scratch with an authentic approach, creating feel-good food packed with flavoursome tastes all made with quality ingredients, homegrown on the grounds of Lime Wood Hotel.

Whether you’re planning to kickstart a new nutritional plan or simply in need of an energy boost, we spoke to the team behind Raw & Cured to find out what makes a feel-good nutrient enriched smoothie.
Heavy Metal Detox
Hit reset and restore your energy levels with this rich blend of dates, spinach, banana, finished with coriander and coconut water. Enriched with potassium and boasting a natural isotonic, this clean-eating smoothie aids digestion.
½ banana
Handful of spinach
250ml coconut water
3 dried dates
A handful of coriander leaves, stalks included
Gymmy Chinoo
On the go? Give your energy levels a boost with this high-impact smoothie of banana, oats, maca and chia seeds, complete with a shot of espresso – guaranteed to get you through the afternoon slump.
1 banana
1 shot of espresso
2 tablespoons of rolled oats
1 tablespoon of honey
1 teaspoon of chia seeds
1 dessert spoon of maca powder
250ml almond milk


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