Fans: Bradley Zero on vinyl

The subject of our collaborative film with Dazed is Bradley Zero, who's home we visited during filming. The Boiler Room host and programmer and NTS Radio broadcaster is so into his vinyl he started Rhythm Section, a vinyl only club night.

Watch the exclusive film on the Journal.

Bradley wears Whistles autumn/winter 2014: Quilted Overshirt, 01:09 Regular Fit T-Shirt, Low Top Leather Trainers, sunglasses (Bradley's own).

On his love of vinyl.

Why do I love vinyl so much? It's a hobby that's gotten out of control. You always wanna have the latest thing, or find the oldest thing, or the rarest thing. The night that I do is just records, so it's as much about the style of music you play as it is about the collection you've put together over the years. 

How he started DJing.

I started DJing because my dad's a DJ. So when I was younger I'd be up (all night), always playing his records. I'd often go out with him and play.

Why he DJs.

It's hard to describe the feeling you get from DJing when you get a reaction from the crowd but that's kind of what I live for. It's sort of addictive. And really when it comes down to playing Dance music it's about making people dance, that's the urge, if I hear a song and it makes me move, I wanna have it and I wanna make some other people move.

Plans for the future.

I think the future is just gonna expand and I'll be doing more of that to a wider audience and just hear more music.