Fans: Elgar Johnson on Liverpool FC

Currently the fashion director of Man About Town, Elgar Johnson is known for having worked for some of the world’s most influential magazines. But when he’s not doing that, he’s following Liverpool, the team he ‘had no choice’ in supporting. We spoke with Elgar about following Liverpool now they’re title contenders, his favourite kit and his Liverpool tattoo.

How did you become a Liverpool fan?

My dad is from Jamaica, he came to work here and moved to Liverpool. So I instantly became a Liverpool fan, I had no choice.

Favourite Liverpool FC fashion moment?

The FA cup final, I think it was ’96, when they all wore white suits. It was the whole spice boy thing, wasn't it?

Do you have a favourite Liverpool kit?

It's gotta be the Crown Paints kit. 

What’s the story with the tattoo?

I’ve got a few of them, I only do tattoos that mean something. I don’t believe football fans should change their team, so Liverpool will be with me for the rest of my life, so [the tattoo] kinda makes sense. I’ve got mum and dad - it’s all part of the same thing.