Fans: Greg Hewitt on Prince

Greg Hewitt is the founder of DMSR showroom, looking after the sales of menswear luminaries Berthold, Cmmn, Fanmail, ALL_BLUES and Matthew Miller. It should come as no surprise that someone who’s named their business after a Prince song is a super fan. We spoke about the lengths he’s gone to for a Prince gig, Prince’s dress sense and some unique memorabilia he’s gained over the years.

Greg's top ten Prince songs 
Erotic City 
How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore
Purple Music
Baby I'm a Star
New Position
Sign O' The Times
17 Days
She's Always In My Hair
777-9311 - The Time
Get Off

Greg's selection: Engineered Sweater

"I don't buy much knitwear so it takes something special to interest me - the knit on this sweater feels really nice and the shape is bang on point."

What are some of the lengths you’ve gone to in order to see Prince?

Queueing for four and a half hours to see him in Camden with a good friend and my girlfriend. We were dancing to keep warm, drinking Red Stripe and were given free food at one point. It was up there with the best gigs I’ve been to, so it was totally worth it. The other one was when he played on the following Sunday - I saw on Twitter that he was playing another show, so I left the house at around 11:20pm, got to Koko for 11:50pm, queued up for about 10 minutes and about 200 of us got in for free.

What album would you recommend to someone who’s not that into Prince?

Probably Purple Rain, mainly for obvious reasons - you’d recognise the hits and it started his commercial peak. The title track itself is still mind-blowing, 'When Doves Cry' is still nuts, 'Baby, I’m A Star' is ace. 'Darling Nikki’ -  as rude as it is -  and 'Computer Blue’, still sounds very forward thinking today. '1999' and 'Sign o’ The Times' would be the other ones - I’d argue with people if they didn’t like those albums.

What do you make of his dress sense?

I think Prince is the best 'worst dressed' guy in the world. He looks incredible, but if anyone else on the planet dressed like him, you’d just look like a fool. The man has got relentless style, he’s not changed for anyone. With the fro, hat to the side channelling Hendrix, he looks cool again. But he is a difficultly dressed man. 

Talk me through your Prince memorabilia.

There’s the Prince tambourine and the symbol necklace. The t-shirt I got from New York four years ago - it’s actually from one of the crew members who worked on the Purple Rain tour, it was 100 dollars and I didn’t hesitate to buy it. A very rare Prince comic that was a gift someone found for me. I have a few drawings; two of my friends gave me cards on my 30th birthday that were Prince drawings. I found this 'Prince Zine' in a bookshop. I have a lot of Prince on vinyl, including interview discs, live records from around the world, his jazz albums under the name Mad House and all the other artists he wrote and produced for. There’s also an amazing old Purple Rain badge that my girlfriend got for me from the Rosebowl Fleamarket in LA.