Notes on: the baseball cap

While the origin is clearly in the name, the baseball cap’s history is still an interesting one - it became a favourite of presidents, celebrities and the general public. There aren’t many items that mean so many things to so many people, whether it’s a baseball player trying to keep the sun away from his eyes or Larry David hoping someone doesn’t pull him in for a stop and chat. 

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Felt Baseball cap, Whistles mens autumn/winter 2014.

– The first baseball cap was worn by the Brooklyn Excelsiors in 1860.

– Baseball caps are a favourite of everyone from presidents, who use them to show their understanding of the people, to celebrities like Larry David, who use them to hide from the people bellowing Curb Your Enthusiasm catchphrases. It’s a pretty, pretty, pretty good disguise.  

– The first sale of baseball caps to fans happened in Chicago’s Wrigley Field back in 1946.

– When Pete Doherty noted his distress at seeing an Englishman in a baseball cap, it’s likely that he was talking about the trucker hat. The trend for the mesh cap peaked in the early 2000s and it remains a phase we’d all like claim collective amnesia over.

– Leonardo Dicaprio, who’s unwavering dedication to bad taste is almost admirable, is often snapped off-duty wearing a baseball cap.