Ways to wear: white riot

Wearing white from head to toe is no easy feat. Spillages and smudges seem inevitable and, if executed badly, the look can leave you looking a little bleached out. As spring slowly approaches, follow our guide closely to master the all white look for the freshest possible take on mono-colour dressing.

For the cautious, accessories are a great place to start. Opt for blank white make-up bags that double up as ultra-simple clutches, and delicate gold jewellery adorned with stark primary shapes.

Multiple white layers will enable you to brace the early spring chill. Counterpoint super straight lines with a clean, curving hemline worn over a tailored trouser. Finish with an oversized clutch for a sharp, contemporary statement.

The key elements of this look are intricate texture and architectural outlines. Draw inspiration from the clean lines of the iconic modernist architecture of Le Corbusier with a structural jacquard dress. Minimal column-heel sandals reinforce the look, much like the concrete columns of Le Corbusier’s purist villas.

For casual ease, a slim-line silhouette works really well. Add interest with circular sportive necklines, semi-sheer texture and raglan sleeves. Polish the look with a pair of round-frame sunglasses in contrasting black.

Black footwear provides the perfect mono-accent to this look. Simple, androgynous designs such as Chelsea boots, will ground the look and maintain edge.