Whistles x Edwin

We've collaborated with Edwin to make the definitive pair of jeans. 

Founded in 1947 by Shuji Tsunemi, Edwin pride themselves on innovation, craftsmanship, and unparalleled denim know-how. Using that technical expertise, this ED-80 was made from a 12oz Milanese selvedge that was woven on original shuttle looms to produce a supple raw denim. Whistles details include a custom white selvedge and pockets lined with an indigo leaf print inspired by the Japanese stencil technique ‘Ise-katagami’.

Exclusive to Whistles and limited to 100 pairs.

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Raw denim care: for contrast whiskers and honeycombs, wear these jeans without washing for at least six months. When you're ready to wash them, turn inside out and soak in the bath with a mild detergent and lukewarm water. Dry naturally on the line.

Alternatively, for a classic allover fade, place in the washing machine at 30. Remember to wash separately and turn inside out as this prevents uneven colour loss.

Take note: This cotton has received seven dips in the indigo vat, so it is prone to natural colour loss and transfer: be mindful when sitting on white couches or when wearing white sneakers.