Whistles women: Annina Mislin

When you think of Los Angeles you think of light, space and that rare thing that only a warm climate can facilitate – outdoor living. LA-based stylist Annina Mislin’s home has it all. We made a trip to the hills of Silverlake on the east side of the sprawling city, to visit Annina in her apartment. A cosy yet considered space, where she resides with her husband and two cats.

Although both originally from Vancouver, Annina and her husband, a creative director for a streetwear brand, settled in LA 8 years ago. Formerly the fashion editor for California lifestyle publication C Magazine, Annina is now making a name for herself as a freelance stylist. Her minimal and elegant personal look has also made her a street style favourite at New York fashion week.

Annina’s taste as an editor can be seen both in her wardrobe and her home.  The apartment is dotted with artfully curated corners - surf magazines sit next to vintage fashion books, skate shoes are piled high in the hallway whilst her Celine wedding dress hangs from a window.

Her all-white bedroom, which is flooded with natural light, opens onto an idyllic deck area with views across the city. Down below, a terraced garden is home to a lemon tree and wall of jasmine. 

Describe your daily routine.

I usually wake up around 7am, I’ll make breakfast, check emails and use the time to research inspiration. If I’m shooting, I will be on email with New York for samples, I’ll do local pulls of clothes I want to shoot and drive around town to different showrooms. Every day is a little different.

Tell us about living in Silverlake?

I love how close I am to everything, being able to walk down to Sunset Junction and get coffee or go to a bookstore. All of my friends live five or ten minutes away, so it’s got a nice community feel. There are great farmers markets that my husband and I like to go to at Atwater Village on Sundays - we’ll get brunch there and all our veggies for the week. 

Annina's Whistles picks

Annina wears the super soft Cashmere Pocket Front Knit paired with the relaxed Kara Formal Culottes. She personalised this look with her gold necklace and flat pointed shoes for a chic yet effortless approach. Follow Annina on Instagram here

What’s your favourite part of the house?

Apart from outside, I like to lie in bed and read. My bedroom gets a lot of natural light, and the view from the room is so pretty in the evening - it’s a nice, quiet time to relax.

Whistles women: Annina Mislin

How has living in LA influenced your style?

LA style… I mean, I wear more denim! I definitely have a more relaxed approach to here versus if I’m in New York. But I do find that I don’t really fall in line with the laid back LA look, as I like to have a polished aspect to my outfit. Even if I’m wearing jeans, I like to have one element that’s a little more dressed up, whether it’s my top, my shoes or my jewellery.

What sparked your interest in fashion?

I think that it started really young for me. I was always fascinated by it. My mum had a stack of old Vanity Fairs and Vogues - I would go through them over and over. Also my grandparents had a huge influence, they always wore custom-made bespoke pieces. My grandfather, who’s from London, always wore suits with his initials embroidered, his look was always very put-together. 

What do you like most about living in LA?

Coming from Vancouver, which as beautiful as it is, is a city that rains, a lot. So we take full advantage of the warm sunny weather here. I like that LA seems to change quite a bit - a whole neighbourhood will pop up that you didn’t even know existed, which is so cool. You can drive 20 minutes and feel like you’re in a different city plus we’re so close to Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Ojai, Big Sur… you can go to Mammoth or Big Bear if you want to go snowboarding or skiing. It’s great.  

Describe your ideal Sunday.

Going to Surfrider beach in Malibu or going for a hike. My husband surfs quite a bit so all of our friends are usually out there. It’s a really relaxing way to end the week. We like to hike, so we’ll go to Altadena, or Malibu Creek State Park. Afterwards we’ll go to The Old Place in Topanga Canyon, it’s a saloon-like restaurant bar, they’ve got really good hearty food and you can have a drink there, which is sort of counter to the hike but it’s still really nice. 

Whistles women: Annina Mislin

Where is your ideal place to work?

I like working outside in the shade, it’s so nice having the view and fresh air. Otherwise we have a small office, but I prefer not to be in there. If there’s a week where I’m doing a lot of prep from home and I want to get out of the house, I’ll go to a local café for a change of scenery – either Intelligentsia or Casbah. 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

My grandpa always said, “don’t forget to smile”, that’s one thing that I always remember.