Whistles women: Laura Bradley

On a cheerful summer’s Monday morning, we paid a visit to the discerning home of Laura Bradley, editor at AnOthermag.com. Being an influential editor, it’s no surprise Laura’s home (and closet) is so well curated. We explore her space whilst discussing Bradley’s domestic routines, the importance of downtime and her unrivalled love for cats.

Laura’s house is located on a quiet leafy street in Clapton and is fearlessly guarded by her cat Florence, who greets us suspiciously upon arrival. Once inside, Florence begins to relax and it’s easy to see why, the space is instantly calming, drenched in natural light and artfully assembled with flowers in almost every room.

Bradley’s unique editorial work provides beautifully crafted features that span high fashion and photography combined with art, politics and literature. After studying at Central Saint Martins, Laura went on to develop her craft under the realm of Penny Martin at the pioneering digital fashion platform SHOWstudio – she is now in her fourth year at AnOther and continues to provide thought provoking features to her readers. 

What influenced your decision to work in fashion?

My best friend Laura and I decided at school. We moved to London together and studied at Central Saint Martins together. She lives in LA now but our friendship is still very special. 

What's been the high point of your career, the thing you are most proud of achieving?

A job that I really love. 

What do you like most about living in Hackney?

It's history and the constant change. I live and work in the same area and pride myself in knowing about good places to eat and drink and shop. I've learnt a lot about the area from my boyfriend, he's a local and I love it. 

When was the last time you felt inspired?

Most days. The AnOther team are a very inspiring group of women. 

Does your home reflect your work in anyway?

I'm really passionate about what I do so the lines are really blurred. I have a lot of books and a lot of fragrance. Emma (flatmate) is very good at getting in the weekend papers which are important for both our jobs. 

What’s the most valuable thing you learnt from working for Penny Martin?

The importance of research and knowledge. 

Is your home all about having your own private space and sanctum, or is it somewhere to have people round and hang out?

We have hosted fun dinner parties (one entirely black and white) but generally it's a private calm space with lots of good vibes. 

What took the most work, or was the hardest thing to get right about your home?

Being strict about what I buy and keep. We try to have an anti-clutter approach which can be difficult to adhere to at times. 

What makes a good day at work?

Sunshine and a good lunch.

What are your current favourite wardrobe items?

My Maison Martin Margiela black Tabi boots. 

What’s the first thing you do when you get home from work?

Cuddle my cat Florence. 

How has being an editor affected your personal style?

I think I'm more sure of what I do and don't like. I read and buy a lot less magazines than I used to. 

What frustrates you?

Not getting to the point. 

Question 12

When and where do you have your first coffee?

I'm a tea girl. The best tea is always at home.   

Your wardrobe appears well edited – are you brutal about getting rid of stuff or do you hoard your old clothes hidden away somewhere?

No, I'm pretty brutal. I have regular clear outs - anything I haven't worn in a year goes unless it's really special. I've realised if a wardrobe is organised well and easy to access, you enjoy getting dressed more.

How did you get into flower arranging?

I've always loved flowers. I interviewed the founder of McQueen's, Kally Ellis and she encouraged me to attend their Flower School.