Whistles Women: Becky French

Becky French is the founder of artisan neckwear brand Marwood. Disenchanted with the relatively conventional tie designs available on the market, the designer set out to be controversial from the off, with her matte, graphical designs crafted from geometric lace and silk slub. The overarching appeal is androgynous and progressive.

Now dividing her time between an idyllic base in Devon and her Dalston studio, Becky’s work/life balance is both enviable and forward thinking. Eager to see whether her austere, geometric design ethos has segued into her living space, we spent a rainy afternoon in her cavernous estuary cottage.

What’s the best thing about your work space?

The light. The partial view of the sea and a monkey puzzle tree.

Describe your perfect Sunday afternoon.

Walking the coast path to the local pub when in Devon. Galleries and coffee shops when in London.

What is your current obsession?

Finding bargain mid-century or odd furniture and working on projects (experiments) with friend, DLM Works.

Is there a girl that encapsulates the Marwood spirit?

Patti Smith's inspiring - her independent spirit and look has proved to be pretty powerful for her.

Where do you seek print inspiration?

Old ties, wallpapers, books, photos I have taken, photos other people have taken, artists (themselves) and their work.

Do you have any tips for injecting graphical prints into your home?

Textiles, cushions, throws, rugs - all easy to interchange and play with.

Contrast seems to be a prevalent concept within your designs, does this theme continue within your home?

Ideally yes, right now we're playing with the contrast of a rented property and period furniture with our own belongings.

Who is the Marwood man?

Someone who enjoys style over fashion. He is looking for something different without standing out for the sake of it. For him, it's all in the details and quality.

If you painted a wall in your home in an impulse, what colour would you choose?

Right now I would probably go for blank canvas white. Or navy...

What should a home be?

A welcoming spot for friends and family to hang out and visit us. Somewhere to feel ultimately relaxed.

Do you have any daily rituals?

Tea and toast.