Exhibition: Carsten Höller: Decision

Image: Time Out London

Interactive, experimental and playful, see the world upside down and slide onto Southbank with the Hayward gallery’s latest exhibition.

Running until 6th September, this show by renowned Belgian artist and ex-scientist Carsten Höller explores the ideas of perception and decision making. Each installation, from a super sized dice to mobile hospital beds, are designed for the viewer to interact with. On entering the gallery, you are immediately presented with your first decision - choose between door A or B, both leading you through an unknown yet intriguing dark steel tunnel. 

Throughout the exhibition Holler has succeeded in creating an environment that is whimsical, stimulating and child-friendly. An ideal summer holiday activity, this is an exhibition for adults and children alike. We recommend not wearing a skirt if you want to sample the flying machines and exit the exhibition via the main feature, Holler’s trademark spiral slides. 

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