Memorable swimming pool moments


Hot summer days in the city have prompted a lot of poolside daydreaming at Whistles headquarters. We decided to indulge our fantasies by pulling together an edit of our top five swimming pool moments.

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1. Faye Dunaway sums up that aspirational poolside lifestyle like a Hollywood pro. Caught on camera by Terry O’Neill, having breakfast by the pool at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Dunaway lounges in a silk dressing gown and heels, pondering her 1977 Oscar win from the evening before. As you do.

 2. Then there’s the cult French cinema classic La Piscine. A movie centred around the grand swimming pool. Set in the French Riviera, the dramatic combination of jealousy and intertwined relationships unravels poolside, turning a summer break with Jane Birkin, Alain Delon and Romy Schneider into a cult must-see film.

3. There’s nothing like quality poolside bonding. Even better when it’s captured on screen by a Coppola - in Somewhere it’s between an estranged father and daughter, based in the legendary Hollywood retreat, Chateau Marmont. Poolside chilling at it’s best.

4. Brigette Bardot, relaxing poolside in Viva Maria. Enough said.

5. Finally everyone’s favourite society photographer Slim Aarons, is known for documenting the lives of the rich and famous from America to Europe. Skim through Aarons’ vast portfolio for an insider’s insight into luxury pools worldwide that will get you reaching for your nearest watermelon cocktail and private jet.

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