Read: Girl in a Band: A Memoir by Kim Gordon


In this evocative memoir, the artist and front woman of 80s/90s rock band Sonic Youth chronicles her rise to fame, turbulent relationship with husband and bandmate Thurston Moore and ongoing career as a conceptual artist, on a backdrop of a lost and glittering New York.

Candid throughout, Gordon outlines the struggles of her dual role as mother and experimental artist – Sonic Youth are constantly applauded for their ability to bring non-commercial music to the masses. Her tone straddles both cool insider and thoughtful onlooker throughout, which proves utterly engaging; both her scathing opinion of Courtney Love and the gory retelling of her marriage breakdown will undoubtedly enthral.

Gordon is an undisputed icon. Though Sonic Youth ended in 2011, as a 61-year old, she continues to produce music and art with such vibrancy. Although she considers it ‘ridiculous’ that she was ever seen as a fashion icon, her offbeat tough-girl style will probably always be referenced.

Honest and inspiring, this memoir makes for an addictive holiday read.

Girl in a Band: A Memoir is available to buy now.